Change Over Switch

Code Description M.R.P (per pcs)
C 402 16A. 240 V 710 20
C 403 32A. 240 V 1140 10
C 404 16A. 415 V 1875 06
C 405 32A. 415 V 3600 06
C 406 63A. 415 V 4500 06
C 407 100A. 415 V 7300 02
C 408 200A. 415 V 14500 01

Change Over Switch Knife Type

Code Description M.R.P (per pcs)
C 409 63A. 415 V 5900 06
C 410 100A. 415 V 6900 02
C 411 200A. 415 V 16825 01

Essentials To Choose Change Over Switch

Corona is one of the leading manufacturers of Change over Switch. A change over switch is meant to transfer a house (or business) electricity from the industrial installation to a neighborhood generator once n outage happens. Conjointly called Transfer Switches they connect on to the generator, industrial power provide or line, and also the house.

Once the house owner or business owner experiences an influence outage, he or she will reverse to the generator via a conversion switch. Conversion switches have become additional and additional standard — a trend that may doubtless continue within the months and years to come back.

These are made with the best and advanced technological innovations which will help in the manufacturing of the finest class of change over switch. These are made for the applications in the versatile range. These are available in the market at reasonable rates and as per the customer’s required standards. These switches are used in the major transmissions of electrons controller. We are making them with the latest advancements and modifications. These are made at the international standards to meet the requirement and satisfaction levels of our clients.